All PanPastel color formulations are loaded with the highest quality pigments. The colors can be mixed for an infinite number of custom colors. Available in 92 highly pigmented colors. Original Colors: 20 Pure Colors (mass tones) with 20 Tints, 20 Shades, 20 Extra Darks Plus 6 Metallics, 6 Pearlescents and 5 Mediums.


Great for adding metallic effects. Mix with other colors for custom metallics.


Pearlescent colors can be used on their own or mixed with the original colors for custom pearlescent effects.


Mediums change how the colors appear.
Use Pearl Mediums to add sparkle/sheen to coal loads, as well as coke and iron ore.
Colorless blender extends and “dilutes” the colors.


Sofft Tools are a new generation of applicators, made from our specially formulated micropore sponge for applying PanPastel. They can also be used with any water-based colors.


Sofft Knives are used with Sofft Covers. The knife becomes a multi-use and absorbent applicator for art and craft techniques, functioning like a cross between a brush and a knife.

SOFFT COVERS (Refill Packs)

The innovative Sofft Covers are made from our specially formulated micropore sponge and transform Sofft Knives into absorbent tools, capable of carrying and releasing color and material in a unique way.


Each Sofft Sponge has a unique shape and size based on brush shapes to allow a wide range of mark making. Different effects can be achieved with each sponge, for example, by using the sides and edges.

Made with our unique semi-absorbent micropore sponge material. The sponge holds and releases just the right amount of color. Non-Abrasive – for a smooth uniform finish.


Great for applying color in smaller areas.

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