The Revolution in Color Continues

PanPastel is now part of the Golden Artist Colors Family

Easy Weathering Effects in Seconds!

PanPastel Colors are professional quality ultra-fine pastel colors in a unique pan (cake-like) format.

The pan format changes everything about using pastel colors. Making them paintable.

The special qualities of PanPastel means that they can be mixed, layered and applied “dry” making them ideal for applying realistic weathering effects quickly. PanPastel Colors adhere well to most surfaces, yet can be removed easily if required.
Available in kits & as individual colors.

Realistic Effects

Great for applying realistic weathering effects & color to:
• Railroad Models
• Military Models
• Action Figures
• Scenery & Layouts
• Structures
• Miniatures

Easy To Use

PanPastel offers a quick and easy alternative to other weathering techniques:

• Powders and pastel can be messy and slow, however with PanPastel Colors
the modeler can instantly apply pastel color to achieve realistic weathering effects
straight from the pan

• PanPastel is easier, quicker and more forgiving than airbrushing.
PanPastel color can be removed & changed until the desired effects
are achieved (prior to fixing with a flat finish).

Weathering Kits

Color palettes for various weathering projects.
Kits include 7 colors & free palette tray & Sofft Tools.